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Broadly speaking I offer my design service in two main ways:
A."desktop design service"
B."portfolio design service"
with the main difference between the two being that the first is
essentially an on-line service which does not include any site visits by me, and with all
of the initial data being compiled by you, and the second is a more comprehensive and personal service.

A. desktop design service
For an example of a completed 'desktop design' for a small urban garden please click here

A design package from this service will typically include the following information specific to your garden:
--Design Plan
--Project Description
--Planting Ideas
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B. portfolio design service
This level of service is more comprehensive and personal service,
and will typically involve some or all of the following stages:

Initial Consultation
--Site visit to discuss landscape requirements and to carry out preliminary site inspection.
--Initial advice regarding probable landscape services and other professional services (as required).
--Preparation of Design Fee Proposal.

  Please note that I may charge a stand-alone fee for an 'Initial Consultations' and this will vary
depending on distance of travel involved. Please contact me in advance for a specific quote.

Outline Design Proposals
--Site inventory conducted on site.
--Formulation of client brief.
--Presentation of 'Outline Design Proposals' which will form the basis for further discussion and will
include both 2D & 3D drawings along with preliminary suggestions for hard material and planting options.

Full Concept Design Drawings
--Presentation of 'Concept Design Drawings.'
--Further 2D & 3D drawings.
--My refined suggestions for both hard material and planting options.
--Options regarding a proposed budget for implementation of 'Concept Design.'

Technical Drawings
Setting Out Plans, Construction Details, Lighting Plans, Drainage and Irrigation Plans.

Planting Plan
This plan will show the name, location and quantity of each plant and a separate document will include a
photo and brief profile of each plant.

Note: all drawings are produced to scale using AutoCad and other related computer based programmes.

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